The NFG member listserv provides an easy way to share tips with and get helpful information from other NFG members. Members can post and respond to questions and give notice of nonprofit financial job openings and other news of interest. The listserv is also the primary way members are informed about upcoming NFG meetings and activities.

Posting messages: To post a message, send an e-mail here (new address effective July 2009). Messages (including notices of job openings) must be on topics related to nonprofit financial management. Only current NFG members are allowed to post messages to the list.

Vendors may respond to posts with information and answers freely. When posting original content, vendors will only post educational material, questions, and training information. Examples of educational material and trainings would include: webnairs, workshops, open houses, meet and greets, conferences, white papers, newsletters and other offerings or events that have a direct relevance to NFG members. Questions for the Listserv would follow the regular parameters for all members.

Furthermore, vendors would be restricted to posting only once per month any firm sponsored training information. All other educational information, questions and responding to other posts would be allowed beyond once a month.

Receiving messages: You can receive messages from the list either one by one as they are posted (permitting easy sorting, retrieval, or deletion based on the subject line) or in daily digest form (reducing the number of separate messages you receive). You can also choose not to receive mail from the list, such as when you are away on vacation. (See “Changing list options” below.) However, note that meeting notices and other communications are generally sent via the listserv, so you could miss some needed information if you choose the “No mail” option.

Replying: You can reply to the individual sender (the default action) if your information is of particular interest to that person. However, if your answer is of general interest or future archival value, you should choose “Reply all” to send it to all list members and the list archives. (If you initiate a topic and receive off-list replies that you think are of general interest, it is a courtesy to your NFG colleagues to summarize those replies and send a message back to the list.) Replies sent to the list are preserved in the list archives for future reference.

Archives: List members can search the list archives to retrieve information from past postings. To access the archives, go to, log in, and click the “Archive” link in the lower part of the left pane.

Changing list options: In the lower left pane after you log in is a “Subscriber options” link. Click it to go to a screen where you can set your delivery option (regular vs. digest, no mail, etc.) and choose whether to show or hide your address in the subscriber list.

Getting password reminder: Just below the login area on the page is a “Request password” link. Click it to have a reminder of your password emailed to you.

Changing your password: After you have logged in, you will see a “Preferences” link in the upper left corner below your login name (email address). Click it to go to a screen where you can set a new password. (This screen also has a field for changing your email address; however, be sure to also notify Esther if your contact information changes so it can also be updated in the NFG member directory.)

List administrator: The list administrator is La Vang. You can e-mail La or (651) 779-2816 if you have questions, problems, or special requests.

Membership administrator: The membership administrator is Jenn at Admin Solutions Group. You may e-mail Jenn if you have a problem with your email or have a special request such as registering an alternate e-mail address in addition to your regular e-mail address.