The purpose of the NFG sponsorship program is to expand program and/or networking opportunities for NFG members without the need to increase membership fees. The NFG process and procedures for sponsorships are intended to be fair and equal to all sponsors. All Sponsors must be NFG members in good standing. The NFG Sponsorship policy will be put on the NFG website and is available for distribution for members.

Sponsorships may be solicited on an annual or event basis. There is no limit to the number of annual or event sponsors, but the recognition is limited to a single event, or the following 12 months after the sponsorship payment is received for an annual sponsorship.

Sponsorship dollars will be recorded as deferred revenue upon receipt and will be earned as applicable event expenses are incurred. At times both Sponsorship dollars and NFG General Fund dollars may be used to fund a specific event.  When sponsorship dollars are raised for a specific event, those dollars will be used before any NFG General Fund dollars are used. Sponsorship dollars remaining in deferred revenue at the end of the year will be carried forward to be used for future events.

The Sponsor(s) benefit for their contribution is limited to receiving recognition as a sponsor of the corresponding event(s). Acceptance of sponsorship payments is not an express or implied endorsement by NFG of any Sponsor product or service. Advertising, qualitative or comparative language and call to action statements are not permitted in any sponsor recognition or acknowledgement messages.

Recognition can be in the form of a name and logo of the sponsor appearing on the NFG website, acknowledgement including name and logo in promotional email messages for the event(s) sent via the NFG list serve, or acknowledgement including name and logo in promotional messages for the event delivered at monthly meetings or at the specified event(s). Sponsors may also have the option to deliver a 60 second informational presentation at each sponsored event. Sponsors may distribute educational materials at events, but may not distribute promotional materials or advertising brochures at events.


The NFG Social Committee will follow the guidelines of the Sponsorship Policy as they solicit funds to plan and coordinate NFG Social and Networking events.

Sponsorships for Social and Networking Events can be solicited on an annual or single event basis. The Social Committee recommends soliciting annual sponsorship donations of $1,500 or $500 single event sponsorship donations. The Social Committee intends to host at least 4 events during a 12 month program period at which the annual sponsors will receive recognition. Annual sponsors will receive recognition for events held during the 12 month program period. The 12 month program period runs September through August. Annual sponsors should be committed in September of each year for any given 12 month program period. If an agency wishes to become an annual sponsor mid program period, their recognition will begin in September of the following year. Single event sponsors will receive recognition for the specific event for which they make the sponsorship donation.

Social and Networking Event sponsorships will be tracked separately in the NFG general ledger. Unused sponsorship funds remaining at the end of the year will be held in deferred revenue for future events. Accumulation of sponsorship dollars will enable the Social Committee to plan ahead for events year after year.

If you are interested in being an event sponsor, please contact us.