Meetings are held 8:30AM-9:30AM CST

Virtual Meeting – Zoom

Topic: Creating a Sustainable Base Through Revenue Generation

DATE:  September 23, 2021

Speaker: Christine Beech-Copiavia

Virtual Meeting – Zoom

Topic: Motivational Speaker

DATE: October 28, 2021

Speaker(s): TBD

Virtual Meeting – Zoom

Topic: Connecting Mission and Money

DATE: November 18, 2021

Speaker(s): MSGraystone 

Virtual Meeting – Zoom

Topic: State of the Nonprofit Sector

DATE: January 27, 2022

Speaker(s): Nonoko Sato – MCN

Topic: Technical Accounting Update

DATE: February 24, 2022

Speaker(s): Rebekah Martin – Baker Tilly

Topic: Tax Technical: Public Support Test

DATE: March 24, 2022

Speaker(s): Guy Bergevin – CLA

Topic: Banking focused topic

DATE: April 28, 2022

Speaker(s): Annette Wanchena – MinnWest Bank

Topic: TBD

DATE: May 26, 2022

Speaker(s): TBD